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Our Multiplayer update has officially launched!!!

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Mobile gaming and app dev house


We build games based on the Unity engine. The games we make will always be free to download and play.

Application Development

We aren't just about creating awesome games. We are tech enthusiasts and always ready to tackle a new task that would help solve tomorrow's problem, today!



Thunee for Android

About Us

Sanctum27 is a start-up tech company based in South Africa and established in January 2015. Sanctum27 comprises solely of people who are really passionate about technology and who really want to be apart of this exciting and ever vibrant period of it. We are a group of closely knit friends who have a variety of skills and interests that only feeds into the uniqueness of this brand.

We would like to welcome you to our site and really hope you feel just as close to the Sanctum27 family. We would also like to hear from you! Message us via the contact form.

Alternatively, you can also join us on Twitter @Lore_of_Sanctum. Where we will be tweeting about random tech topics and what's currently new and exciting in the world we live in.

Also visit our blogs written by our very own tech leads

  • Nov 2014

    Our Humble Beginnings

    It all started over a couple of drinks and some intense discussions on life. Then came the brainstorming into what eventually led to Sanctum27

  • Feb 2015

    Sanctum27 is Born

    Finally completed all the official paperwork and registered Sanctum27!

  • May 2015

    Make our voice heard

    Release on social media about the company's details

  • October 2015

    Alpha build

    Completed our first working developer build for the Android Thunee App

  • August 2016

    Official release to Google Play Store

    First public launch of our spanking new Thunee Android App

  • April 2017

    Official launch of Thunee Multiplayer

    First public release for Thunee Multiplayer support - Available on Android

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