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So when we started this venture we always had this fear in the back of our minds. We are going to be stepping into the unknown and we are largely going to have to develop the skills that we lack in the team together. Certainly everyone in this little company has to contribute in the programming side of things, but the question still lingered on how were going to seriously tackle our deficiency in other roles needed to provide a quality product.


That's when we decided that every member in the team had to have and contribute in the software development side of things by default. It would be a requirement for all members, but they would all have to take a lead in the 5 other desirable skills we required in the company. We were and currently are going against what we were good at growing up and taking lead into something we may have had interest in but lacked the ability to do it at our best.


Casio lighting keyboard
Make the investment now for the long road ahead

This post is meant to inspire anyone out there into going against the norm and challenging yourself. Everyone can acquire a new ability and skill and we have learn from experience that is never too late to start. We broke up the team into 5 sections.

1.     Sound design and music composition

2.     Illustration & graphic design

3.     User interface design

4.     Brand design, creative and technical writing

5.     Physics and mathematics


Don't let the fear of the unknown overwhelm you. There is no harm in doing a little research and starting somewhere. I know that it can be daunting at first, especially with everything that you are trying to accomplish, but who knows where this can lead to in a couple of years from now. The team as of today has taken the initiative to heart and really brought a sense of satisfaction on learning something new every day. Feeding off each other's newly found skills can only drive you to heights as it has been for us.


I hope a couple years from now I look back at this post and see how far I've come and the team from this experience. Well time will only tell!