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To buy or to upgrade

So I recently got in to a bit of a conundrum. One of my PC's motherboard was acting up. Oh how I feared the worst. I know a bit about hardware. So I knew when you switch that PC on and you hear no system beeps, you tend to get that same feeling when you first saw that Blue screen of Death on older Windows versions.

My fears were realized when a technician had a look at it from Matrix Warehouse. I knew something was up when he didn't call me that same Saturday afternoon. I gave him a call the next day and he said the beast still isn't work yet. He calls me that afternoon to say that he had no luck in restoring it to life. I kinda figured when I saw him that afternoon that this problem gave him a sleepless night and that he worked on it for a pretty long time. Luckily for me the policy was if they can't fix it, then labour cost is free.


The experience though left me with a sunken feeling. I knew that they just don't make these motherboards anymore. In fact it’s cheaper getting a brand spanking new one LGA2011 X series. Ok, I know I'm exaggerating a bit but I wasn't too far off in that comparison. The problem was that the X58 I had... and yes I'm talking about THEE x58 that set the world by storm in its heyday... supported the old LGA 1166 socket. Which meant I had to get a new processor as well. I couldn't just go with the Amazon route as they don't ship computer parts across their border. So that's when I found Evetech. Don't get me wrong. I was a PC Zone kinda guy. Always awaiting their specials especially their birthday sales. I hardly ever got any parts or peripherals outside of PC Zone, their prices were just too desirable... until now.

So I did my research. I found Takealot to be quite competitive. There was also ComX, Esquire and Rebeltech to name a few but I was lured to Evetech due to their special on the upgrade bundles. It just made perfect sense at the time. I needn't get a whole new desktop PC unnecessarily. Just the parts I needed. I could save a good couple grand and not be wasteful on the existing parts I had.

So I took the chance. Placed my order online. The goods arrived about 2 days after my order minus the "exclusive mouse pad" I wished I had received to match. They did reply to my desperate email saying they are out of stock and would send one the moment they receive some. Hmm a bit convenient, but just sounds like they just didn't take the time to pack my contents correctly. I received the contents in a box meant to have the capacity to fill 10 DVD writers. I guess it was no surprise that I received 10 DVD’s with the software for it as well! All in all though the service was good and I got what I paid for.

The fear of putting the new mobo, chip and heatsink together was unfounded. Those fears were all but incinerated by just watching a simple "how to" video on YouTube, just to get some pointers and here we are. Me writing this blog from my salvaged workstation!


After this experience, I'd recommend upgrading over purchasing if you know your parts in the PC and willing to take the time to research the goods. It could save you a good few bucks.