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I've been contemplating about this for a long time and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be updating this post as the years go by as I myself am still learning a lot from this venture.

So here goes.. what every indie house should have

  • Is a shared passion and shared vision. It's imperative that you have these together. As a lack in belief in the vision would be detrimental in trying to attain it as a team. By having a shared passion can only drive your team to new heights. Together these shared feelings amongst your team members can only solidify the friendship and trust between everyone.
  • Positivity is key to going through the numerous hardships you're going to be facing as a team and personally. There's going to be numerous ups and downs along the way. What's important is keeping your head up through those hard times and watch as your confidence inspires and lifts the team from a dangerous low pit that is always going to be lurking nearby
  • Ownership here comes in two forms. Firstly it is vital that every member has a sense of ownership in the company that you'll have started together. Being motivated to make your company work will drive you and everyone else to help in accomplishing that goal. What helps make your team realize that they are owners of a company is setting some sort of monthly investment into the company's account. Secondly is ownership of tasks. As you'll tread deeper into the complexity of creating your product you're going to find a lot of nuances that need to be handled and completed within time. Assigning a task to a person shows a sense of dictatorship. Taking ownership of a task on your own free will is more than enough motivation to seek any means possible on completing it. Try using a Trello, Kerika or Jira board to help gain insight into the progress, backlog and impediments facing the team.
  • Communication. Geographical location should never by any means be a reason for lack of communication within the team. Try maximizing your teams throughput and clarity on issues facing everyone through an IM. Instant communication is vital for engaging and serious issues that need to be resolved quickly. Use a WhatsApp group, also Slack is really useful especially with its hooks and integration's into numerous dev necessities and have Skype or Hangout sessions whenever possible.
  • Time management is crucial. Meeting those deadlines are going to be unrealistic at times but it does make sure it pushes the team to new heights. Don't lose track though. Momentum is easily derailed with a few weeks lost without doing anything meaningful. Start early on managing your work, studying, personal life and this venture that you're undertaking.


So this is all you need to make it as an indie house. It's going to be a long road. So just make sure you're in it for the ride as it isn't always going to be smooth sailing. Good luck in your venture and go forth and make it happen!