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What started as a drink amongst friends, to a full on development house, we are on a journey of a life time. We were 4 friends brainstorming ideas on how we can be more successful and in the process, make a difference in peoples lives. Here we are now, 5 strong, ever learning new concepts and ideas way out of our comfort zones, in an effort to make our dreams a reality. These are some of the things I have learnt thus far on our journey:


#1. You will be tested. 


This goes without saying. Starting a new endeavor will hit you with new challenges which you will have to deal with. You will have to find a balance between personal, professional - this endeavor, professional - normal work, friends and family. Finding a balance is on the hardest things to do and something which i still struggle with. Best advice I can offer is to prioritize, plan, execute and always remember to make time for yourself. One good trait that i have learnt is to journal. This frees up your mind to new and better things and allows you to think freely.

#2. You will fall.

The important thing here is to get back up.  You will be overwhelmed and feel like you cannot cope with everything. Sacrifices will have to be made in order for you to achieve what you set out to. Its not going to be easy, but it definitely will be worth it. Stay positive and surround yourself with positvity, express gratitude and happy no matter what. Remember, the one constant you can always rely on is, everything is temporary. What ever difficulties you are experiencing, it will pass, and you will be better after it. Always speak up if you need help, we all have problems, its how we deal with it that defines us. Admitting you have a problem is better that suffering through it until it gets so bad that its a lot more challenging to fix. You never know, someone you know might have a solution for you. 

#3. Commit to yourself

Another strong motivator is making commitments to yourself. If you make a conscious decision to do something and be 100% commited to it, you will achieve it. There is no greater satisfaction once you achieve something you set out to and it only motivates you more to do more and achieve more. If something has been on your mind for some time but "never got the time" to do, stop, take a minute, and do it!

#4. You are better today, than you were yesterday.

We are continuosly learning new things everyday, consciously or sub-consciously. Make an attempt to improve yourself 1 bit a day. Read or do something new. You will better by the time you complete it. Don't limit yourself either. Enrich yourself with something you are passionate about, something you struggling with at work, or just for the fun of it! 

#5. Time

This one I am still coming to terms with. Things take time to do. Don't beat yourself up about trying to do a whole bunch of things in a ridiculous amount of time. Award each item its required amount of time and effort, and most importantly, DO ONE THING AT A TIME! Give each task the respect it deserves unitl completion, and until you are happy with the outcome. It is always better to one task at a time well, that to do many tasks poorly. 

These are but a few lessons I have learnt going on this journey thus far and I guarantee I will be learning a lot more and making amendments and additions along the way. You should have a full understanding of what you are getting into and whether you can make the sacrifices, take the risks, endure sleepless nights, put your relationships and yourself to the test. 

I wish you all, the best in your future endeavors and the success you deserve.